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Your feedback is very important to us. It helps us shape the future of MyAdvisor and our practical guidance assets to ensure we're building resources valuable to your deployment(s). To submit your feedback, email us at myadvisor@microsoft.com.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the difference between a “Microsoft account” (MSA) and “work account” (O365)?

Work account is an account created by an organization’s administrator to enable a member of the organization access to all Microsoft cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Intune or Office 365. A work account can take the form of a user’s work email address, such as username@orgname.com, when an organization federates or synchronizes its Active Directory accounts with Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft account, created by user for personal use, is the new name for what used to be called “Windows Live ID”. The Microsoft account is the combination of an email address and a password that a user uses to sign in to all consumer-oriented Microsoft products and cloud services such as Outlook (Hotmail), Messenger, OneDrive, MSN, Windows Phone or Xbox LIVE. If a user uses an email address and password to sign in to these or other services, then the user already has a Microsoft account—but the user can also sign up for a new one at any time.

Why is MyAdvisor deprecating the use of MSA accounts?

We have made great efforts to improve MyAdvisor’s unauthenticated experience so that you can benefit from our tools and resources quicker and easier. Because of these changes, we’ve seen a drastic reduction in the use of MSA login and registration. To simplify the maintenance process, and to continue providing you better experiences with MyAdvisor, we have decided to remove support for MSA accounts. Please note: this change only affects MyAdvisor; users with MSAs on any other Microsoft platform/solution will not be affected.

What happened to Skype Operations Framework (SOF)?

The Skype Operations Framework (SOF) provided guidance to help customers and partners roll out and operate Cloud Voice capabilities. This framework has now evolved into Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice as part of FastTrack. We have made it easier for you to find relevant and targeted practical guidance that aligns to the familiar FastTrack customer journey, while still providing the ability for self service as well as streamlined FastTrack and Partner led engagements. Rest assured that the guidance, tools, training and partner offers from SOF are all still available as part of this transition!

What happened to the Plan, Deliver, Operate phases of SOF?

We have aligned to the FastTrack customer journey framework and the simple mapping is as follows:

Plan--> Envision  

Deliver --> OnBoard 

Operate --> Drive Value  

Note: Over time, we will be updating our assets to align to this mapping. 

What happened to my favorites/links from the SOF site?
These links will still work, but we suggest that you update your favorites/ links with the new URLs.
Who should use MyAdvisor?
We recommend that anyone who is planning on deploying or wanting to learn more about our Office 365 Cloud Voice solutions use MyAdvisor.
What happened to Success with Teams?
As part of this transition to Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice, the Teams Guidance is moving to our core documentation platform. You can still access the content using the www.successwithteams.com URL. Tooling and Cloud Voice specific services are available via MyAdvisor.
Can I migrate my preferences from my Microsoft Account to my Organizational Account?
Not at this time.
How do I export a record of my Academy training progress?

You can export your data by performing the following:

  • Sign into MyAdvisor.
  • Select the down arrow in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Export Profile”.

The following Academy data will be included in the export:

  • Training name
  • Training completed status
  • Academy rating
  • Academy feedback
  • Timestamp
How do I download all assets? 
You can download assets individually, selectively grouped, or through the entirety of a deployment phase. This ability can be found in the Deployment tab of the Guidance section.
How do I provide feedback?

Your feedback is very important to us. It helps us shape the future of MyAdvisor and our practical guidance assets to ensure we're building resources valuable to your deployment(s). There are several avenues for you to provide your feedback to us: 

  • Email us at myadvisor@microsoft.com 
  • Submit your rating of MyAdvisor in our customer satisfaction form 
  • Submit a question in our Skype for Business community or Microsoft Teams community 
I ran into a problem. What do I do next/how do I get support with MyAdvisor?

Please email us at myadvisor@microsoft.com if you've run into an issue. Note that we do not provide product support for Skype for Business nor Microsoft Teams from this email address.

Is there a community forum for MyAdvisor?
Both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams have a dedicated community forum and blog with active participants and readers. To get engaged with these forums and to share insights about MyAdvisor with your peers, please visit the Skype for Business community or Microsoft Teams community
What products are covered in MyAdvisor?
Skype for Business Cloud Voice and Microsoft Teams
How do I change the selections made in the initial MyAdvisor Wizard?
Select Preferences from the MyAdvisor navigation menu and click Edit.
Why do I need to sign up with an Organizational Account?
MyAdvisor reviews Office 365 data to provide recommendations specific to your organization, which requires an Organizational Account. If you use a Microsoft Account (MSA), you will still be able to use all of the MyAdvisor features, but an Organization Account enables MyAdvisor to be more prescriptive.
How do I find Partners to help me?
Our Cloud Voice Systems Integrators are listed here: partners.
What happens to my SOF certification? 

We have retired the personal SOF Assessment tool.

You can export a record of your personal SOF Assessment as follows:

  • Sign into MyAdvisor.
  • Select the down arrow in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Export Profile”.
  • Open the downloaded Excel file and your SOF assessment results are displayed in the Personal tab.

Partners can still take the MPN Partner assessment via the Microsoft Partner Network.

Does MyAdvisor replace the Bandwidth Calculator from www.successwithteams.com?
Yes it does; we have moved the Bandwidth Calculator to a more complete solution in the Network Planner. In the Network Planner, you can perform bandwidth calculations, as well as upload, edit, and export your CQD site information.
Which browsers are supported?

The following browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari on MAC

What happens to the MyAdvisor deployment content (i.e. Skype Operations Framework)?
All the content spanning Envision, Onboard and Drive Value content can be downloaded by selecting each area and clicking “Download all <phase> assets”. Alternatively, a single .zip file containing all the content will be published to download.microsoft.com. For Teams planning, please visit Success with Teams.
What is happening to Network Planner?
Network Planner is transitioning to the Teams Admin Center in July 2019.
What happens to my Network Planner data?
Any Network Planner data in MyAdvisor needs to be exported before 6/28. After 6/28, this data be permanently deleted. We recommend logging into MyAdvisor and exporting any Site configurations, calculations and recommendations that may exist. Below FAQ contains a detailed article for exporting Network Planner data.
How do I import MyAdvisor Network Planner data into the Teams Admin Center Network Planner?
Due to schema changes, the data will need to be re-entered into Network Planner in the Teams Admin Center.
How do I export my Network Planner data from MyAdvisor?

If you have registered with an Office 365 account in MyAdvisor and have Network Planner data saved, you can export the following:

  • Full site data, including address, networking data, and user count (for each organization)
  • Completed calculations
  • Completed reports

Note: You cannot export created personas or persona distribution.

To export your data, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Network Planner with your Office 365 account.
  2. Go to the Sites tab. Ensure you have the correct organization selected and click Export > All Site Information. You can later import this file in a new company to regain all your site information.
  3. Go to the Personas tab. Ensure you have the correct organization selected.
  4. Write down any relevant information. Note: this data is non-exportable.
  5. Click Go to Calculator and select the Persona Distribution tab. Write down any relevant information since this data is non-exportable.
  6. Make any adjustments in the Persona distribution tab that you need.
  7. Click Save > Calculate.
  8. Go to the Outcome tab. Ensure the correct organization is selected.
  9. Select Export.
  10. Select Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business for the data you want to export.
  11. Go to the Report tab. Ensure the correct application and organization is selected.
  12. Click Export PDF.

To reimport the data into the Network Planner, you can re-register with an Office 365 ID and import the site data into the Sites tab. Note: You will have to recreate the persona and the persona distribution, and press Save > Calculate to regain your information.

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