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To use Deployment Planner, you must have the Global administrator, Skype for Business administrator or Reports reader admin role assigned. To start your own experience with Deployment Planner sign in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is Deployment Planner?
Deployment Planner is a feature of MyAdvisor that provides you step-by-step guidance that covers planning, delivery, operations, and adoption for your organization to follow to successfully deploy various Microsoft 365 services in the form of journeys. Journeys deliver guidance from docs.microsoft.com to your organization in the context of the service you’re working to deploy.
How do I use Deployment Planner?
Sign in to MyAdvisor by using a Global administrator, Skype for Business administrator, or Reports reader role. After signing in, do the following:


1) Choose Deployment Planner, and then go to the Introduction tab.

2) From the list of available journeys, select the check box next to the journey you’re interested in.

3) Select Assign & Save.

4) Go to the Deployment Dashboard tab.

5) Select your journey.

6) Begin your journey.

7) After you complete the steps in the Envision phase, you complete the steps in the Onboard phase, and finally the Drive Value phase.

Why do I need a Global administrator, Skype for Business administrator, or Reports reader role to use Deployment Planner?
Journeys are assigned at the tenant level, not an individual user level. To avoid potential confusion, access to Deployment Planner is limited to these administrator roles.
What do the percentages in each step mean?
Each step is a high-level view of the outcome of a set of activities. When these activities are completed, the step displays 100% and you move to the next step. Taken together, the steps describe how to complete a phase of your deployment journey—Envision, Onboard, and finally Drive Value.
How do I complete a step?
A step is 100% complete when you finish all the activities associated with it. You can work on activities from different steps in any order, but we recommend that you complete one step before moving to the next.
How do I complete an activity?
When you expand an activity, it will contain multiple tasks. Each task pane opens and displays guidance from docs.microsoft.com to help you complete the task. If there are any sample files to use to document the outcome of the activity, they’re available on the Templates tab. If there are any links to further information, they’re available on the Resources tab. As you complete a given task, simply select the Mark as Complete check box. When all tasks are completed for a given activity, its status will reflect 100%.
What do the Duration and Roles fields refer to?
Based on our customers’ experience, we calculated the average length of time it took them to complete an activity and displayed it as Duration. Roles identifies the project team members who are likely to be involved in completing the activity. The names of these roles might not be the same in your organization, but you should be able to map the skill sets to involve the appropriate resources.
What’s on the Templates tab?
If a task pane includes templates, you can use them as outlines to help capture information you’ve gathered during a task. Not all task panes include templates, and you don’t have to use them.
What’s on the Resources tab?
Resources are links to additional information that supplement the activity. Not all task panes include resources, and you don’t have to use them.
How do I delete a journey?
In Deployment Planner, do the following:

1) Go to the Deployment Dashboard tab.

2) Select the check box for the journey you’d like to delete.

3) Select Remove.

How do I provide feedback?
There are currently two options for providing feedback:

1) In an individual task pane, select Rate It and submit feedback.

2) Send an email to MyAdvisor@microsoft.com.

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